Avatar Cinema

by chhan PorEy

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រោងកុន​ អវតារ

ដោយ ឆាន់ ប៉អ៊ី

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In addition to the lives lost, the khmer Rouge devastated Cambodia’s arts, cultural, and entertainment industries. While we remember and pay tribute to the Golden Age, Cambodians must continue to look forward and rebuild. A huge opportunity exists to build upon the success of the Golden Age of the Cambodian film industry and reinvigorate people’s interest in film. Film is one of the most accessible cultural forms that entertains, shares knowledge, and cultivates culture. The new Avatar Cinema in Battambang will connect Cambodians with both past and new films. It includes advanced special cinemas, a film library, feature designs, and a Movie Snack stall will provide a comfortable, exciting, and memorable experience for movie lovers. The Avatar Cinema will put a spotlight on Cambodian film and bring audiences back to the future.